Audit & Assurance

For us, an audit is not about "ticking boxes". Our audit approach is based on a deep knowledge of the company, its management and accounting systems, and on the environments in which the company is operating. Our work procedures are flexible to both medium-size companies and international groups.
One of the key to valuable audit service, beyond the strict issue of the audit report, depends on the confidence the Management has on the work and professional judgement of the auditor. Keeping a smooth communication with the Management and the good knowledge the auditor has of the company and its environment is essential in order to generate confidence and credibility. The Moore approach goes in this direction of generating confidence and add value to our clients.
Our main proceedings are as follows:
  • Audit of Individual Financial Statements
  • Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements Limited reviews with agreed procedures
  • Special reports required by the mercantile legislation
  • Financial Statements reports set up according to IFRS or other accounting framework
  • Company valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Preparation and review of consolidation packages required by group companies
  • Special reports for regulating entities
  • Reports about local, national and international (EU) government grants
We have a large experience in working with international groups. We speak and report usually in English and German.