MOORE is one of the world's major accounting and consulting association of independent firms. Founded a century ago in London, it is present in 112 countries with over 600 offices and 24,000 expertise. Even quantity is not a substitute of quality, this capacity ensures that we are able to provide to our clients all the solutions and experience they require, despite where they choose to develop their business.
In Barcelona MOORE ADDVERIS, has an experience of more than 30 years in audit & assurance, consulting in accounting and strategy management, as well as tax, accounting and labour advice through our business partners. Due to our membership to the Moore Stephens International association, and because of our own specialization, we not only give advice to international companies, but also to a large number of subsidiaries of companies and foreign groups, mainly belonging to the European Union. Besides our own languages, we also report in English and German.

What makes us different?

What makes us truly different is our industry knowledge and understanding, which ensures the services we offer are tailored to each individual client and add commercial value. Moore Stephens member firms have specialised in providing audit, accounting and advisory services to their international clients for more than 50 years.


Our objective is simple: To be viewed by clients as the first point-of-contact for all their advisory and compliance needs. We achieve this by providing sensible advice and tailored solutions to help clients achieve their commercial and personal goals. That's why clients tend to stay with Moore Stephens for many years.


Moore Stephens member firms accross the globe share common values: integrity, personal service, quality, knowledge and global view. It is this commitment which ensures we meet the needs of clients while providing a dimulating work environment for our people. Moore Stephens International maintains a cohesive association to ensure modern and comprehensive global services that meet standards of professionalism and deliver value in each country.


In acontinuing changing global marketplace, Moore firms close to your business offer professional services and solutions both locally as well as internationally, through 266 independent member firms with over 600 offices and 24,000 experts worldwide.